About Me

Joel Hodge founder of The Struggle of Love Foundation established in 2008, recipient of the 2013 Program of Year Award has dedicated much of his time giving back to the community.

Born and raised in Chicago, Joel unfortunately became a product of his environment. At an early age Joel was exposed to poverty, gangs, violence and drugs. Being exposed to this life led Joel down the wrong path and costly decision in his life. By the age of 10 Joel was already involved in gangs and drugs. Joel ended up spending time in youth corrections and adult prison, also had his brush with death several times until his final time where he was shot three times and hit with a baseball bat as a result he lost his eye. This was a life changing experience where Joel came to realize it was either change or face death or life in prison. While vacationing Colorado Joel met his wife Lakeshia at this time Joel made the decision to relocate to try and change his life. After doing time in Colorado Joel was homeless with his oldest son and his then girlfriend LaKeshia was homeless too. While dating and visiting LaKeshia in shelters they came together to become one and help one another become better individuals. This is when the Struggle of Love Foundation was created. Their vision and mission is to help people of the same situation they were once faced with. Today the organization is very successful carrying out their mission and giving their devoted time to helping others. Joel has received several awards from the Mayor, Fatherhood programs, Blacks in Government and several others, Joel has help over 1000’s of disadvantage families and youth with very little funding. Everything penny that the S.O.L. Foundation receives goes straight to the community, Joel mission is all from the heart

My Commitment

“God sent me on this mission”anonymous

Joel loves helping others this is his calling. Showing Our love to Save Our Lives