About Me

Despite all the obstacles in her life, she has remained focused and triumphant. She has continued to enlighten her clients and the community in many aspects such as, finances, credit, homeownership, taxation, and entrepreneurship. Karla has volunteered with the Struggle of Love foundation for 10 years and continues to support their vision.

Karla Cooper is a Denver native, raised in a single parent home and the youngest of 5 children. She was born into adversity and struggled to maintain a healthy upbringing without a father figure in the home. She was determined, however, to do better than she was taught. After dropping out of school and running with the wrong crowds, she moved out of her mother’s home at the young age of 16. It didn’t take long for Karla to realize the path she was on and quickly decided that she wanted a better life for herself. She enrolled herself into Job Core and obtained a GED. Karla found a strong passion for numbers and began to educate herself on finances. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and working for a few different tax preparation and accounting firms. Through her knowledge, she has been able to teach her community the importance of financial literacy. In 2004 Karla started her own accounting firm and has maintained a successful nationwide business that continues to grow.