About Me

LaKeshia Hodge is known best in the Denver community for her non—profit charity assistance through the Struggle of Love Foundation.

Recently she has been recognized for providing youth ages eight to 18 with a free sports and mentor program that allows them the opportunity to travel and compete nationwide. Over the past five years, Struggle of Love has been successful in assisting the community with free outreach programs even despite the lack of funding. These free outreach programs include Annual Reach 4 Peace Picnic, an annual backpack and school supply giveaway; a Thanksgiving dinner that feeds over 200; and Santa’s Workshop where the participants as a whole gave away over 3,000 toys. “As a member of the community, I choose to take an active role in assisting the less fortunate because l was once in the shoes of many individuals we support. As an African American woman having been in this situation, it has inspired me to take an active role in becoming a positive leader and role model in our community, with hopes of inspiring others to pay it forward.” Hodge believes that the African American community lacks love for one another and themselves individually and as a result of this the community suffers from a lack of good parenting, togetherness and community awareness. Hodge believes that the solution to this problem can be achieved through providing outlets that work to bring the community together and encourage the youth to change the things inhibiting the African American community from prospering. Hodge hopes to one day open a Love Center for youth and young adults and provide them with mentoring and tutoring, sex education, gang and violence awareness, general ethics, childcare assistance, counseling and more.

My Commitment

I would like to be remembered as a self-less individual that put the community in the forefront of all my decisions – someone who made a difference in the African American community and inspired others to do the same.anonymous