About Me

My belief is that organization and tight communications are small details that are usually overlooked and under estimated in some business endeavors.

I have had the privilege of working with Struggle of Love foundation for about 8 years. My 18 year old son was one of the original members of the boys’ basketball team. My daughter has also played basketball several years for the team until this season. I have worked in any capacity that the SOL founders needed. My passion however is to work in communications. I believe that assuring we are all under the same understanding of the goals at hand will give us the best opportunity to grow and reach our full potential as a desired staple in our city not just our neighborhood or community. I am humbled that the foundation would consider me for a position in their organization. I believe that my strength to assist would best be recognized on the Program Committee or working with the Training Committee.

My community service work has spanned over 45 years. As a child I was introduced to the concept of servicing my community by my beautiful Mother, who was a nurse by trade. I spend a lot of childhood holidays in nursing homes and hospitals with her. She instilled in me that although these people were in these places they still deserved Gods love and peoples respect. I carried that into my adult life and continued the work through my church activities as a member of the trustee board, church secretary and YPD Director. At the request of one of my daughters, I also created a competition cheerleading squad along with other parents from our community to fulfill a need for girls ranging in age of 4 to 14, living in our underserved neighborhood.