She retired from the Federal Government after working 37 years for the Social Security Administration where she received numerous awards for her performance and contributions to the public, agency and community. During her career, she held positions as a Claims Representative, Management, Trainer, and Program Analyst. In addition, served on the Black Employment Program Committee and Black American Advisory Council.


She is now an entrepreneur with her own consulting business where she continues to assist people with Medicare and Social Security issues.


She is a Charter member of the Downtown Denver Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG), has been an active participant since January 1998. Renee has served in many positions at the chapter and regional levels including President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, she has chaired different committees (Program and Planning, Health Coordinator and the Youth Committee), and served as Regional Board of Directors on the National Board of Directors for Region VIII.


Renee continues to stay involved and is active with her community. She unselfishly volunteers her time for Struggle of Love, Special Olympics, African American Health Fair and homeless shelters for families. She is also actively involved in the political arena. She has served her community by registering people to vote, organized Town Hall meetings for Veterans. She participated on a Veterans Advisory Committee and the African American Advisory committee to help vets and African Americans with Social Security issues.


Renee Booker is the eldest of five siblings; grew up in a military family. She moved to Denver Co in 1975. Some of her interests are traveling, plays, movies and shopping. Renee is professional and demonstrates her caring and love for her community.